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Bob Groulx, owner and operator of a farm in Munger, MI got started using SumaGroulx because he was looking for a natural good for the earth product as a way to improve the soil quality on his farm after several years of continuously planting corn.  In his research, he found an amazing product called SumaGroulx. He has been using this product since 2007.  He has been able to completely eliminate fertilizer and all of the chemicals that control pests, except 130 lbs of actual N on corn crop.  SumaGroulx uses microbes that work with the soil in helping roots go down and grab the water in the soil and makes nutrients more available for bigger yields.  Bob believes in the product and has many testimonials and pictures that prove the product WORKS!

RRR Supply, Inc. prides itself on customer service.  No phone trees at our company!  You will be connected to one of our knowledgeable salespeople who can give you the answers to your questions quickly and competently.  We will spend as much time as you need so you too can understand how the product works, how to apply to it, when to apply it and how it will save you out of pocket costs while increasing your revenue stream.

We want to help you get the best crop you can while preserving our planet by using much less fertilizer, chemicals and pesticides.

 SumaGroulx Sales Team

SumaGroulx Sales Team