The decision to use SumaGroulx on my corn and soybean crop came after several years of debating whether to use it or not. The idea of using SumaGroulx meant taking a risk and trying something diferent. It took many years of seeing and hearing about SumaGroulx before taking the first step of trying some myself. I was so happy to see that my yields were much better by using this product. My soybeans were an average to 7 to 17 bushel better and my corn was 8 to 15 bushel better when I used SumaGroulx in 2013. I don’t have the expense of fertilizer now and I was so impressed that I became a dealer for SumaGroulx for the 2014 year. I am so excited about the savings and yield increase that I want to share my knowledge and use of it with the farming world.
Steve Koroleski
5 – K Ag Supply
January 2014