I purchased reclaimed woodland and found out that it would not produce. In 2012, I planted soy beans on this field. My results were only 18 bushels per acre and I lost money. In 2013, I planted corn on the same field. The results were only 118 bushels per acre and I had a tremendous loss.

I used SumaGroulx on my soys in the 2014. The results were UNREAL. I got 52 bushels per acre! Which is a difference of 34 bushels better than 2012!

In 2015, I planted corn on this field and I got 206 bushels per acre using SumaGroulx, which was 88 BPA better than 2013! My corn roots went down 3 feet in yellow clay. The land was

better, less compacted, dried out faster, and had over all had better drainage.

Kevin Schmitt

Haubstadt, IN

2016 Testimonial