I used SumaGroulx on Corn, Soybeans and Wheat, in the 2014 season.  I saw benefits in all three crops.  In some corn plots I tried 4 Hybrids with SumaGroulx and the same 4 Hybrids without SumaGroulx.  The 4 plots with SumaGroulx out yielded the other from 8 to 18 bushel per acre.

Where I planted a wheat crop, after corn; I had a better germination of wheat crop – with the use of SumaGroulx on the corn previously.

I put SumaGroulx on our corn and it yielded 266 bushel per acre.  I plan on using more SumaGroulx in 2015!

Kevin Schmitt
Haubstadt, IN
2014 Season